Natural & Smoke Ventilation Actuators

DNH is a leading supplier of innovative solutions in the field of smoke and heat vent systems, natural ventilation systems as well as electric remote controls for windows and skylights.

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation has become an increasingly attractive method for reducing energy use and cost whilst providing acceptable indoor environmental quality and maintaining a healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor climate rather than the more prevailing approach of using air conditioning which in turn fails to reduce carbon emissions.

Natural ventilation, unlike fan-forced ventilation and air conditioning, uses the natural forces of wind and buoyancy to deliver fresh air into buildings. Fresh air is required in buildings to alleviate odours, to provide oxygen for respiration, and to increase thermal comfort.

Smoke Ventilation (EN 12101-2)

The purpose of smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV) systems is to lead smoke and heat out of a burning building, whilst keeping escape corridors and stairs free of smoke for the escape of the buildings occupants, and, to allow access for fire fighters.

Natural smoke ventilation relies on the buoyancy of hot gases. As smoke rises, it can be exhausted from the building by opening vents automatically. The risk of rising smoke, toxic gases and heat exhaust is drawn off into the open through the smoke vents, so that escape and rescue routes remain passable.


Control Systems:


Combio-868 RM

A Built-in radio receiver that can be used for actuators and tubular motors.

The receiver immediately enters maintained mode and the intermediate position is adjustable. 

LumeroTel 2

A single-channel hand-held radio transmitter that can be used both unidirectionally and bidirectionally.

In addition, the user can switch between manual and automatic operation. 





Radio wall-mounted radio transmitter features manual/automatic switching.

It can be used both unidirectionally and bidirectionally and can control one or more receivers. 


The DNH Control panels operate up to 10 DC actuators per zone. 

In case of smoke alarm the controller will signal the drives to open in order to release the smoke. Rain and wind sensor can also be used for Natural Ventilation.

Double Push Button

Part No: 41013B

Flush-mounted double push button for all actuators with 3 wire operation.




TH Thermostat

Part No: 40675K

The thermostat has priority over manual control.  If the temperature is higher to the set one, the windows open, if lower, the windows close. The thermostat can also be disabled.

WS Wind  Detector

Part No: 37185V

It emits a variable signal according to the wind intensity and acts on the control panel as the rain sensor does. It is possible to choose closing at different wind speeds.

RS Rain Sensor

Part No: 40450K

In case of rain, the sensor sends the signal for windows to automatically close. A heating element prevents dew formation on the surface. 




Fire Smoke Damper Actuator

The PHC fire smoke damper actuator series provides optimised functionality for maximum safety.

The actuator motorises the damper when power is on and springs back to its original position when power is cut off.