Access Control Systems

At DNH Technologies we provide access control solutions for a wide range of applications. We are proud to partner with Magnetic Access to provide innovative drive technology and award- winning design for access control.

Magnetic barriers stand for long-term cost-efficiency, reliable access control, energy-efficiency, maintenance-free drive technology.

Applications include toll barriers, pedestrian barriers/gates, access control to buildings and grounds, airport security, ticket inspection, perimeter protection, security checks and traffic management.


We Supply:

Toll Gate Barriers

We provide Magnetic toll barriers for rapid, reliable, and economical processing of road users. We have been working with infrastructure operators and traffic authorities in South Africa for many years and have comprehensive experience in the project planning, installation, and maintenance of barriers in the toll sector.

We offer 5 models which can be equipped with a variety of control devices, flanges, and barrier booms.

Optional swing-away flange and auto-swing-away flange are available, in the case of a collision with a vehicle the barrier boom is released.

Designed for 10 million opening and closing processes
Opening and closing times of minimum 0.3 seconds
Very low operating costs due to efficient and long-lived MHTM™ drive

Airport Gates

Magnetic access control solutions for airports:

Immigration Gate
Accelerated identity checks on arrival and departure, increased security with consistent biometric checks, whilst reducing passenge waiting periods. Can be equipped with passport readers and biometric scanners for fingerprints, iris patterns and facial recognition.
Products: mBorder SDE, mPass

Boarding Gate
Automatic inspection of boarding passes ensures that only passengers with valid tickets can enter the secure area and reach the gates.
Products: mGo


Public Transport Gates

We provide solutions to enable our customers to design public transport processes that are both quicker and safer.

0.3 sec. minimum opening time
10 million opening and closings
Automatic opening if power fails or alarm sounds

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) gates
With Magentic passenger barriers, commuters and pedestrians are consistently recorded and checked for ticket inspection and automatic fare collection.
MPR Wing gates, MPW swing gates, MPH high swing gates, MPP turnstiles

access control perimeter

Pedestrian Gates & Turnstiles

Magnetic Access solutions offer high-quality designs for entrance areas to buildings and grounds, securing of company grounds, traffic management, systematic registration of employees and visitors in public facilities. Pedestrian barriers and turnstiles are readily adaptable to throughput frequencies and desired level of security.

Access control FlowMotion
Magentic developed the FlowMotion® series to provide visitors with a user-friendly design to reliably guide them into the building, register attendance and access authorisation in passing.
Manage flows of persons, automatically detect how employees, customers and visitors are moving, as well as to optimise internal processes and thus increase security.
Products: mTripod, mSwing, mWing, mTwing, mPost, mGuide

Access Control MP
From robust turnstiles in front of the football stadium, to elegant wing gates allowing wheelchair access for indoor and outdoor areas. Pedestrian barriers from Magnetic have a variety of designs, speeds, and security levels for desired application.
Products: MPS, MPP, MPW, MPR, MPH

Perimeter Protection
Secure grounds of companies, public authorities, or airports unauthorized access while allowing employees, suppliers, and service providers to enter and leave quickly.
Easily integrated in existing architecture or fencing with the differing models and attachments.
Products: MPT single, MPT double, MPB, MPG