Aviation Equipment

DNH Technologies is proud to represent TQ in Southern Africa.
As a certified aviation industry provider, TQ develops, manufactures and repairs aircraft electronic and mechatronic systems for general aviation and the commercial aviation industry. TQ is a leading supplier of certified aircraft solutions for innovative and pioneering technologies in the aerospace industry – all produced in-house and made in Germany. Within the scope of approvals as an ADOA design and POA production organisation, TQ produces KRT2 aircraft radios and the latest generation KTX2 transponders.

We Supply:


We supply aircraft electronic and mechatronic systems for general aviation and commercial aviation industry. Solutions for general aviation like communication equipment, avionic equipment, radios and transponders as well as accessories.

General aviation products

  • Certified avionics products for general aviation, from radios to transponders (KTX2).
  • Certified avionic electronic systems for small aircraft cockpits.
  • All products are intuitive, robust, reliable, and appreciated by glider and motor aerobatic pilots.
  • Exceptionally low weight, compact design and minimal power consumption.
  • The appealing design of the electronic systems is simultaneously oriented towards intuitive operation and functionality.
  • TQ aviation instruments are ETSO/TSO certified and supplied with EASA Form 1.

Commercial aviation solutions
We provide aircraft cabin and cargo electronic systems for commercial aviation.


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