Building Automation

Our range of high-quality tubular motors, from Elero, are the best solutions for home or commercial building automation needs. 

They are specially designed for a wide range of applications such as roller shutters, blinds, awnings, pergolas, and rolling door drives.

These tubular motors, engineered to be efficient and reliable, are easily integrated into various building automation systems.

This allows our customers to automate their motorised products effortlessly.

Explore our selection of tubular motors for any building automation project .

Discover how our tubular motor solutions can enhance the comfort, security, and energy efficiency of your building.


We Supply:

Tubular Motors

Ideal for moving blinds gently and precisely.

The electrical drives with soft brake have an integrated slow speed which ensures a gentle approach to the stop. This protects your blind and considerably reduces noise development.

  • Control: Hardwired or Radio
  • Shaft size: 35mm-98mmm
  • Limit switch: Electronic or Mechanical
  • Torque: 1,5Nm-120Nm
  • Speed: 11rpm-138rpm

Venetian Blinds Motors

Elero venetian blind motors are optimally tailored to the specific requirements of venetian blinds.

The electrical drives have an integrated thermal protection and conveniently adjustable limit switches with a range of up to max. 85 revolutions. All types have the same drive speed of 26 rpm at the shaft.

  • Control: Hardwired or Radio
  • Limit switch: Electronic or Mechanical
  • Torque: 45Nm-20Nm
  • Speed: 26rpm-50rpm

Rolling Door Drives

With the robust and maintenance-free type 15 door drives, Elero offers ideal drives for heavy roller shutters, small roller doors and roller grilles.

Elero ensures the highest safety standards certified regularly by independent examiners in accordance with current European standards.

  • Control: Hardwired or Radio
  • Shaft size: 50mm-98mml
  • Limit switch: Mechanical
  • Torque: 1,2Nm-300Nm
  • Speed: 11rpm-70rpm


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