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We provide Cobots for versatile and high precision automation in factories, laboratories and production lines.

Our award-winning Franka Production3, produced in Germany, is known widely for its ease in programming and versatility in applications. It can be used as a single robotic arm, together with multiple arms or in a collaborative manner, working closely and safely with humans and other machinery. It is supplies with peripheral equipment, customised end effectors as well as camera / optical solutions.

The Production3 can easily be integrated into existing production lines and features rapid setup which prevents unnecessary down time during installation.

Because of the ease of setup and the simplicity of programming of new tasks, this robotic arm can be functional with minimal disruption to productivity.

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TQ's Franka Production 3 is the robot with human touch and dexterity. An industrial system that increases productivity for anyone who needs industrial robotics automation.

  • Payload: 3kg
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Radius: 855mm
  • Axes: 7DOF

Also available: The Franka Research 3. The Franka Control Interface (FCI) bypasses the robot's control architecture and can only be licensed for non-commercial uses. Researchers benefit from easy-to-use robot features as well as a low-level access to the robot´s control and learning capabilities.

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Human arm-like dexterity

Whether you are new to robots or have been automating your production processes for years, with Franka Production 3 you will experience process automation in a whole new way – fast, straightforward and intuitive like never before.

Designed with intuitive ease of use in mind, the dexterity of a human arm makes the robot suitable for sensitive operations and force applications.

This robot is equipped with more than a hundred different types of sensors, including in-house designed, industry-leading torsion sensors in all 7 axes. It is unique in its ability to mimic human-like and dexterity-based skills.

With our powerful intuitive interfaces, no prior programming knowledge is required. Anyone can become a robot expert and turn their process knowledge into robot automation.

Straightforward setup and operation

Convenient to lift and transport, Franka Production 3 has straightforward one-box delivery concept. The arm and the control can be installed in less than 5 minutes. The system can be powered up by general-purpose power outlets, and it is plug-and-play: only one cable is needed to connect the arm and its 19" control.

No dedicated operator device is required: any computer, laptop or tablet can be connected to the robot and run the user friendly web-based interface. Having a web-based interface also means there is no need to download a bunch of additional and bulky software. 

With our powerful intuitive interfaces, no prior programming knowledge is required. Anyone can become a robot expert and turn their process knowledge into robot automation.


Apps and the App Store

Apps are modular building blocks that can be combined into App Workflows to automate production processes such as grasping, plugging, insertion, screwing. Each App contains a context menu where the user is guided interactively to enter parameters like speed and force, as well as to set robot poses by demonstration.

With the browser-based user interface, Apps can be dragged and dropped into a sequence to create entire tasks in no time. These tasks can be quickly saved, copied, adjusted, reused or transferred to multiple robots, significantly reducing setup costs.

  • 1. Drag and drop Apps into a timeline.
  • 2. Configure them and teach robot poses by demonstration.
  • 3. Run your task!

No special team of robot experts is required, resulting in significantly more flexibility in production and less training for staff. In addition, App Workflows enable rapid reconfiguration of tasks, making it easy and fast to respond to the demands of dynamic factories.


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