Dry Ice Blaster

Cleaning with dry ice using the COOLMASTER® system is an excellent alternative to chemical and toxic cleaning processes.

Workpieces and surfaces are gently cleaned - easier, faster and more effective, without having to disassemble machines. When cleaning, dry ice particles are used as a blasting medium.

COOLMASTER® accelerates these particles to an extremely high speed using compressed air and blasts them through a nozzle onto the object to be cleaned.

It is ideal for sensitive surfaces and hard-to-reach places. The cleaning is dry and leaves no traces of water or washing liquid. Loosened dirt can be easily disposed of after cleaning.

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COOLMASTER® (dry ice technology)

Produces three effects which, when combined, enable an optimum cleaning process:

  • The kinetic effect: the dry ice particles being accelerated to high speed.
  • The thermal effect: the dry ice particles hit the dirt layer at -78.5° C, cool it down abruptly, it contracts and forms cracks. Due to the different coefficients of thermal expansion, the compound between the surface and the dirt is loosened.
  • The sublimation: on impact, the carbon dioxide directly transforms from a solid to a gaseous state and expands about 700 times the volume in a split second. This expansion literally ”blasts off” the dirt from the surface. As a result, only the dissolved dirt particles remain at the end of the cleaning process and can be easily disposed of.

A variety of optional accessories are also avalable.

User-friendly easy operation
Quick and mobile
Cost saving

Applications: Plastics industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology and far beyond.


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