In a high-speed world that demands greener solutions, better efficiency, and answers to sustainability, DNH Technologies services the growing e-Mobility market with electric drives and fast-charging solutions.

The e-mobility market is forecast to grow significantly as older people look for ways to continue enjoying an independent lifestyle, and younger people take to new and innovative ways to enjoy their leisure time.

From cutting-edge electric cars and e-bikes to the fastest commercially produced electric skateboard, we have the right components (even if you're planning to drive around Mars).



We Supply:

E-bike Drive Systems

The TQ-HPR50 drive system is a whole new riding experience. Thanks to the lightweight and completely integrated system, the extremely quiet motor, and the most natural riding experience in its class, you'll forget you're riding an e-bike.

The TQ-HPR50 drive system makes your e-bike look, sound, and feel like an analog bike - only better!

The lightest, quietest and smallest system in its class.

The TQ-HPR50 brings bikes to life that let you have more fun without having to compromise. We take care of the technology so you can enjoy the ride.

2022 Pinkbike Awards: Innovation of the Year Winner


Wheelchair Drives and Motors

From lightweight paediatric to rugged off-road, all-terrain chairs, our huge range of wheelchair drive solutions from Parvalux provides the smooth, safe power needed for most situations. Parvalux offers an extensive range of electric wheelchair motors that give millions of people the freedom to live life on their own terms.

We offer a wide choice of standard 12v and 24v electric wheelchair motors and gearbox combinations.

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