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At DNH Technologies we pride ourselves at being at the forefront of technology and are excited to partner with TQ-Group to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions for electronic needs. TQ-Group has more than 20 years experience with embedded processor technology.

Whether x86, Arm® Module, QorIQ® Layerscape Technologie or Power Architecture®, we provide the latest processor technology in the form of embedded modules (single board computer), Industrial PCs, modular solution platforms and finished systems.

Our customers can easily integrate embedded processors from leading manufacturers such as NXP, Texas Instruments and Intel into a wide variety of different applications.


We Supply:

Arm® Architecture

The base for your IoT applications

Arm® processors are commonly found in smartphones and tablets, and have become indispensable in the Embedded sector.

TQ’s Arm®-based modules feature the smallest possible dimensions while making all of the processors' functionalities and interfaces available for the application. That means you can use these embedded modules just as flexibly as the processor itself. Development times and design risks are minimized, and you can focus entirely on your application-specific tasks and challenges.


x86 with COM Express and SMARC Form Factor Standards

Convenient system integration

TQ’s range of x86-based products adheres to worldwide embedded module standards such as COM Express® and SMARC. This guarantees high scalability, high flexibility and the option to upgrade to the latest processor generation and newest innovations at any time.

Moreover, TQ offers a complete modular solution kit with mainboards and BoxPC as finished IoT / Industry 4.0 components or for convenient system integration.


Power Architecture®

The perfect solution for high-speed communication

The communication demands of industrial system solutions are numerous and diverse. Therefore, TQ offers an entire family of Power Architecture®-based modules to meet these increasing demands.

Compact dimensions combined with access to all processor functions make system integration quick and easy. Being offered with an availability guarantee of up to 20 years and more, these TQ modules meet the specific requirements of today’s market.


QorIQ® - Layerscape Technology

Secure and fast data transmission

Equipped with QorIQ® Layerscape processors based on Arm® core technology, TQ embedded modules provide the right solution for performance-restricted networks, industrial applications, and new virtualized networks.

Maximum performance on minimum space and the latest network peripheral interfaces also guarantee the use in future-oriented applications.

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